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Research has shown for decades that there exists a clear and consistent link between human domestic abuse and animal cruelty. We, as educators, can play a critical role in stopping this cycle. This page was designed to provide access to resources that could help us do so--that could help us become humane educators.

Critical Resources

Institute for Humane Education
A one-stop shop for humane educators. If you are looking for learning activities to do, or materials to use, with your students, you will find them here, including books, videos, magazines, games, and educational exercises for kids of all ages!

American Humane
Explore the human-animal bond, the use of therapy animals for domestic violence survivors, humane educator resources, and The Pets and Women's Shelters (PAWS) Program.

Humane educators witness the overlap of human violence and animal cruelty all the time. Here you will find a great summary, supported by statistics, on the connections between animal cruelty and interpersonal violence. This site includes a handful of links for further information on these connections.

The Latham Foundation
Humane educators will find information on humane issues and activities, the human-animal bond, animal-assisted therapy, and the connections between child and animal abuse and other forms of violence.

First Strike: The Connection Between Animal Cruelty and Human Violence
Humane Society of the United States
A campaign advocating for inter-agency collaboration between social service workers, law enforcement, humane educators, animal control officers, and more on the intersections of animal cruelty and interpersonal violence. From workshops and educational materials for service professionals, to resources for neighborhood watch groups, teens and parents, this site is a one-stop shop for humane educators.

Online Directory of Safe Havens for Animals Programs
A program of the Humane Society of the United States
If you know of someone victimized by domestic violence, but afraid to leave due to potential consequences her/his pet may face, this is an excellent directory of safe places for both humans and non-humans.

Animal Legal and Historical Center
As a humane educator, you are faced with legal questions and issues that arise. This is a fantastic resource for non-lawyers, including animal-related cases and statutes in all U.S. states. Searchable by topic, including divorce/custody issues, cruelty statutes/laws, and domestic violence, to name a few.

A fantastic resource for humane educators seeking supportive information linking interpersonal domestic violence to animal abuse. This site also includes a cruelty database, as well as a comprehensive list of links related to this topic, found under the "cruelty connections" section.

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